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What are the advantages of CT carbon fiber medical bed board?

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Because of its high strength, low density, high X-ray transmittance, low X-ray absorption rate, etc., carbon fiber composite materials are often used to make medical bed boards in the field of medical radiation. Using carbon fiber composite material as the cover plate, the sandwich structure bed plate made of foam sandwich in the middle, the performance is obviously better than the traditional bed plate such as phenolic resin board, wood board, polycarbonate board, etc. It plays an important role in improving the overall performance of medical equipment. important role.

Future Composites Co., Ltd is an experienced carbon fiber medical bed board manufacturer. It has produced various customized carbon fiber medical bed boards, carbon fiber CT bed boards, carbon fiber X-ray light-transmitting boards, carbon fiber breast machine support boards, and carbon fiber for some medical device manufacturers. Electric operating bed board, carbon fiber orthopedic traction frame seat board, carbon fiber medical head support, carbon fiber X-ray detector flat panel and other carbon fiber medical equipment products. Today, I will introduce the advantages of carbon fiber medical bed board.


With people's attention to health and the continuous development of modern medical science and technology, radiological diagnosis and treatment equipment is developing in the direction of minimizing radiation dose and digitizing imaging analysis. These medical equipment, in the X-ray radiation path, require the relevant accessories to have good X-ray transmission performance, so that the radiation dose is as small as possible under the premise of satisfying the use, so as to minimize the radiation hazards of patients and medical staff. In addition, under the premise of satisfying the X-ray transmission performance, there are also higher requirements for the strength and rigidity of certain components, because these performances directly affect the imaging quality and patient comfort.


In my country, no less than 200 million people receive X-ray examinations every year. Due to the backward equipment and protective measures, the per capita X-ray exposure in my country is much higher than that in developed countries. The use of carbon fiber composite materials to manufacture accessories (bed panels, etc.) on the radiation path can greatly reduce the radiation dose and minimize the radiation hazards of patients and medical staff. Therefore, the application of carbon fiber in the field of radiological medical equipment has become more and more extensive from the accessories on the initial radiation path (bed panel, headrest, cassette, etc.) to other accessories (housing, handle, etc.).

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