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What are the advantages of carbon fiber rollers compared to metal rollers?

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       Roller is a general term for the cylindrical parts that can be rolled on the machine. Traditional rollers are made of metal materials. Carbon fiber rollers are more resistant to friction than metal rollers, and suffer less damage, which can reduce unnecessary maintenance. Carbon fiber also has anti-aging properties and long service life. An analysis of its advantages will be made.


           1. Light weight, the density of carbon fiber composite material is 1.6g/cm, aluminum alloy is one of the lightweight materials in metal materials, its density is about 2.8g/cm, and the steel material is 7.8g/cm, which is even heavier. As soon as several materials are compared, it will be found that the lightweight advantage of carbon fiber composite materials is particularly obvious, which is more conducive to daily handling and operation.

         2.Low inertia, the inertia of the product is proportional to the weight, the lighter the weight, the smaller the inertia, the carbon fiber roller is light in weight, suitable for high-speed rotation scenarios, with less vibration. When the inertia of the carbon fiber roller is lower, the overall production efficiency will be greatly improved. When rotating at high speed, it can respond quickly to start and stop, and the external speed will also be greatly improved, and the production efficiency will be improved accordingly.

         3. High strength, the strength of aluminum alloy is 420MPa, the strength of steel is 650MPa, and the strength of carbon fiber composite material can reach 3500MPa, it can be clearly found that the strength of carbon fiber roller is much higher, then this high strength brings The advantages will also be more obvious. The strength of the roller shaft is high, which can not only carry more weight, but also is not easy to deform.

         4. Good dynamic balance, the carbon fiber composite material has a large design space, and can achieve integrated molding, which not only ensures the accuracy of the carbon fiber roller shaft, but also has a particularly good balance. During the high-speed operation of the carbon fiber roller, there will be no large vibration, and the stability is very high, which can ensure the accuracy of production.

        5. Good fatigue resistance, carbon fiber composite materials have good corrosion resistance, which can make carbon fiber rollers perform better in some operating environments. In addition, under the influence of strength, the carbon fiber roller will not be deformed by stress, which effectively improves the safety performance.


       At present, the application of carbon fiber rollers in textile, printing and other fields is gradually expanding. With the continuous deepening of carbon fiber materials, more and more carbon fiber products will be used in industrial production and manufacturing in the future.

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