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What are the advantages of carbon fiber robotic forks?

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Carbon fiber composites have a series of excellent properties such as high strength, long life, lightweight, low density, dimensional stability, small coefficient of thermal expansion, self-lubrication, and energy absorption seismic. It has high specific die, fatigue resistance, creep resistance, high-temperature resistance, and wear resistance, and its application advantages are much higher than metal materials in some fields.

carbon fiber fork

The fork plate made of carbon fiber material can effectively reduce the weight of the fork mechanism and achieve a better balance between the load and the weight. Through the steering adjustment of the robot, the raw materials such as glass and metal plates can be adjusted quickly and efficiently, which is easy to feed and unload and cooperate with other equipment, and has good practicality.

The tensile performance of carbon fiber fork is very good, with the huge volume of liquid crystal panel, the metal fork itself is large, causing bending deformation, and can not withstand its handling work. The tensile strength tested by the carbon fiber fork in the case of axial uniform tensile can reach more than 5 times that of the metal fork, which can well complete the panel handling will not occur, and will not cause the liquid crystal panel to bump and fall during the handling process.

The robot using carbon fiber fork can be applied to more environments. Carbon fiber fork has strong corrosion resistance, but also has the advantage of a small expansion coefficient, and very stable product performance at high and low temperatures. In addition, it has strong anti-fatigue performance, which greatly improves the service life of the fork and reduces the labor cost and material cost of the replacement fork.

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