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What are the advantages of carbon fiber medical bed boards compared with ordinary medical bed boards?

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Carbon fiber composite materials have been widely used in many fields due to their excellent properties, such as aerospace, automobile manufacturing, rail transit, industrial production, etc. With the continuous improvement of medical technology and people's concern for health, carbon fiber composite materials have also begun to be used in medical devices field, then, what are the performance improvements of medical bed boards made of carbon fiber composite materials?

Carbon fiber composite medical bed boards are often used in radiotherapy. This is mainly because carbon fiber composite materials have good X-ray transmittance, with an X-ray transmittance as high as 98%. This is mainly because the constituent elements of the reinforcement and resin matrix in carbon fiber composite materials are C, H, and O. The carbon fiber medical bed board has an aluminum equivalent of less than 1.0mmAL, which can ensure that X-rays can be irradiated on it at any angle without refraction. A relatively small dose of radiation is required to obtain relatively clear contrast, which can reduce the radiation intake of medical staff and patients.

Carbon fiber composite materials also have excellent properties of high strength, impact resistance, fire and moisture resistance, and acid and alkali corrosion resistance. The surface of carbon fiber medical boards is relatively smooth and flat. Even if medicine, blood, stains, etc. drip on the surface, it is easy to clean, so it can also be used for operating tables or radiation pads and panels. In the medical field, carbon fiber composite materials can also be used in wheelchairs, headrests, prosthetics, blood robots, etc.

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