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What are the advantages of carbon fiber luggage?

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1. High strength:The reason why suitcases are damaged by collisions is mostly due to improper human operation and excessive force, which exceeds the range that the suitcase material can withstand. The strength of carbon fiber luggage is 4-5 times that of steel. The overall protective ability of the luggage is stronger, and it will not deform under a certain degree of extrusion.

2. Light weight:Carbon fiber suitcase is made of 1.7g/cm3 ultra-low density carbon fiber composite material, which is lighter than suitcases with aluminum alloy frames. For women and the elderly, it is more convenient when lifting and pushing and pulling, and more helpful for business trips.

3. Good fatigue resistance:Carbon fiber composite materials have very good fatigue resistance. Through experiments, it was found that carbon fiber has outstanding aging resistance. The fatigue resistance limit is 70%-80% of the tensile strength, and the service life can be up to 20 years. Carbon fiber suitcases naturally continue this fatigue resistance. Without serious collision or damage, there is no problem in having a service life of more than 10 years.

What are the advantages of carbon fiber luggage

4. Good impact resistance:Carbon fiber suitcases are resistant to falls and collisions because the carbon fiber material itself has good impact resistance. According to experimental calculations, carbon fiber composite materials, aluminum alloy and nylon PA11 boxes of the same size were placed in a standard atmospheric pressure environment. It was subjected to an impact test with a pulse width of 11ms and an acceleration of 150m/s2, three times in each of the three axial directions, and a drop test at the same height. As a result, the carbon fiber box was well preserved.

 5. No thermal expansion and contraction:The creep resistance of carbon fiber materials is good, and the deformation is almost 0 when the temperature difference changes greatly. There will be no thermal expansion and contraction of metal materials, and the stability is better.

6. Resistant to a certain degree of corrosion:Because of its stable internal structure, carbon fiber composite materials can withstand a certain degree of acid and alkali solvents (but not concentrated acids and alkali). They also have good salt resistance, effectively extending their service life;

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