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What are the advantages of carbon fiber helmets?

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The carbon fiber helmet not only has excellent performance, but also has a streamlined appearance, fine workmanship, smooth lines, no cracks, bubbles and other defects, and different colors can be customized according to needs.

So, what are the core advantages of carbon fiber helmets?

1. Light weight, high strength

         The shell of the helmet accounts for 60% of the overall area. The shell is the key to weight reduction. No matter how light the traditional helmet is, it is still around 1400g. If carbon fiber material is used as the manufacturing material of the helmet shell, it can still maintain extremely high strength while reducing weight, and it also ensures that the protective function will be affected.

2. Impact resistance, not easy to deform

            Compared with other traditional materials, carbon fiber has excellent impact resistance. Carbon fiber helmets will not deform when encountering severe impacts, and can effectively protect our heads from injury.

3. High temperature resistance, corrosion resistance

          Compared with other traditional materials, carbon fiber materials can still maintain their good mechanical properties even if they are subjected to harsh environments such as high temperature, sun exposure, heavy rain, typhoon, and salt spray.

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