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What are the advantages of carbon fiber exhaust pipes?

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        The exhaust pipe has the functions of shock absorption, noise reduction and exhaust gas emission, and is an indispensable part in the vehicle. Traditional exhaust pipes are made of stainless steel. Although the performance of steel is good, there is still a certain distance compared to the emerging material carbon fiber. Today, as a professional manufacturer, we will tell you about the specific advantages of carbon fiber exhaust pipes:

1. High strength  The strength of carbon fiber is 7 times that of steel. It is not easy to be damaged when it encounters impact and has a long service life.

2. Light weight  The weight of carbon fiber is only a quarter of that of steel. Although the proportion of the exhaust pipe in the whole car is not very large, it can also reduce a lot of weight by replacing it with carbon fiber. Light weight not only increases speed, but also reduces fuel consumption.

3. Corrosion resistance   As an exhaust pipe, it needs to be exposed to the air. Many substances in the air, including the gas discharged from the exhaust pipe, are corrosive. Carbon fiber has stable chemical properties and is resistant to corrosion by acid, alkali, salt, and grease solutions.

4. High temperature resistance   Automobiles and motorcycles rely on the combustion of gasoline. We all know that combustion will generate high temperature, and the temperature of the exhaust gas is also very high. Carbon fiber has a strong ability to withstand high temperatures, with hundreds of degrees, and the performance is particularly good and can even reach thousands of degrees, so there is no need to worry about being burned out by high temperatures.

5. Good shock resistance  The dimensional stability of carbon fiber is good, which can reduce the vibration of the vehicle and make it safer.

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