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What are the advantages of carbon fiber bows and arrows?

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           Carbon fiber has a well-known reputation in the sports world. With its excellent performance advantages, it has good application examples in sports equipment. For example, badminton rackets, tennis rackets, etc. Today we will introduce a relatively unpopular thing - carbon fiber bows and arrows to see what their advantages are.

1, Long range

          The range of a bow is related to many factors, such as draw weight, angle, quality of the bow, and the skill of the archer. For professional archery athletes, if they want to shoot faster, more accurately and further, they cannot do without a handy bow and arrow. Compared with traditional bows and arrows, carbon fiber bows have a longer range with the same pulling force.

2. Easy to get started

           Carbon fiber bows are lightweight and very easy to use for novices, especially for women. Archers practice archery for a long time, which puts a greater burden on the muscles of the arms, back and shoulders. Carbon fiber bows have a very good performance in this regard.

3. Small pulling force

           Carbon fiber bows weigh less and are easier on the user. We know that shooting arrows will be faster when the bow is drawn to the full moon, but it is very laborious to draw the bow to the full moon. If there is a kind of bow and arrow that can allow the user to use less effort to pull it to the full moon state, it can be said to be twice the result with half the effort. Bows and arrows made of carbon fiber materials are very consistent with this and are a good choice for athletes in international archery competitions.

carbon fiber bows and arrows_1

4. Not easily deformed

           Carbon fiber bows and arrows are made of high-strength carbon fiber composite materials after heat treatment, and their tensile strength and modulus are higher than previous bows and arrows. The deformation problem that easily occurs after frequent use of bows and arrows has been greatly improved with the performance of carbon fiber materials. Good elasticity, toughness and fatigue resistance extend the overall life of the bow and arrow.

5.Longer life

             Carbon fiber bows and arrows have a small thermal expansion coefficient and are suitable for use in a variety of temperature environments. They also have the advantages of good shock resistance, fall resistance, and aging resistance, making them a good choice for long-term use.

             Carbon fiber bows and arrows are another successful application of carbon fiber materials and another achievement in the world of carbon fiber. Research on carbon fiber at home and abroad is still continuing. I believe that with the advent of carbon fiber with better performance, its significance will be more profound.

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