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What are carbon fiber idlers?

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Conveyor belt systems have played a vital role in the development of industrial technology and material handling. This system is designed to move objects of different weights, shapes, and sizes, and to be used in a variety of operating environments. One of the basic components of a conveyor system is the idler rollers (also known as conveyor rollers), which are a series of free-flowing cylindrical "wheels" in gravity (unpowered) and powered conveyors that use mechanical means to move product or material along the system. As a critical component, idler rollers are designed with several factors in mind to minimize downtime, and operating costs and enhance conveyor system performance.

Carbon fiber material idler

Traditional idlers are made of metal (steel or aluminum) or plastic, and the design will depend on the application determining the size or diameter and material of construction. Carbon fiber is now an attractive option due to its inherent lightness and material strength. Only 1/5 the weight of steel, half the weight of aluminum, and its durability exceeds plastic or rubber rollers, with clear advantages in performance and reliability.

Carbon fiber idlers are constructed from low weight carbon fiber tubing and come in a variety of diameters, strength characteristics, and options for inserts to provide custom functionality as a finished component. It has many excellent properties as follows:

1. Material strength

Carbon fiber idlers reduce the likelihood of wear and deformation compared to aluminum or steel due to their stiffness and fatigue resistance.

2. Chemical resistance and heat resistance

Some corrosive chemicals are used at different temperatures during the processing of metal products. This will affect the materials of construction of the conveying system including the idler rollers, leading to failure, affecting performance and life. However, the material properties of carbon fiber meet almost all design considerations for idler rolls. In conveyor systems, their high strength and stiffness should be considered for wear, shock and temperature, as well as chemical resistance.

3. Excellent fatigue resistance;

4. High strength and stiffness to weight ratio;

5. Dimensional stability: low coefficient of thermal expansion

       These mechanical properties withstand the constant physical forces in the operation of the conveyor system. Carbon fiber rollers, due to their light weight, reduce friction on the bearings and at the same time reduce the load on the motor, reducing maintenance and power consumption.

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