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Types of carbon fiber textures

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In addition to being the "king of new materials" due to its high performance, carbon fiber materials are also favored for their extremely high surface aesthetics in applications in various fields and industries, which is very similar to the texture of carbon fibers. related. Then this article will talk about carbon fiber texture

There are three types of surface textures for carbon fiber products: twill, plain, and non-textured. The carbon fiber textures we generally see include twill and plain, which are also the types of textures used in many carbon fiber products, with higher aesthetics. This is also an important reason why many car modification parts choose carbon fiber products. Even though carbon fiber products have the same texture, there are still some differences. This has a lot to do with the tow of carbon fiber weaving. For example, the texture of 3K, 12K, and 24K must be different, and the bevel angle and density are different. The texture of 3K is more delicate and compact than that of 12K, and the performance is also different.

Plain weave carbon fiber products use plain weave carbon fiber prepreg, adopt the pattern of up and down weaving, the overall grain looks more neat, and the gap between each row is relatively small, which also makes the plain weave more stable. Plain weave is more used in carbon fiber plates, not suitable for carbon fiber products with complex contours.

Twill carbon fiber has better flexibility, so we will find that many complex patterns will be produced in the form of twill. The way of interlaced twill lines has higher aesthetics and better shear resistance.

The third is unidirectional layup, which uses unidirectional carbon fiber prepreg to complete the layup, so there is only one stress. The interior of the support will adopt this layering method, and the surface will use twill or plain weave to make the exterior more beautiful.

The above three are commonly used textures for carbon fiber products. If you need carbon fiber products with higher performance and special texture, please contact FUTURE COMPOSITES, we will provide you with high-quality and professional products and services.

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