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Two ways to quickly cure prepreg

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Future has two ways to quickly cure prepregs: medium-temperature curing epoxy resin system and medium-high-temperature curing flame-retardant epoxy resin system.

The medium-temperature curing epoxy resin systemis composed of toughened epoxy resin and rapid curing system. At 130°C/5min, the curing degree reaches 95%. The cured resin is colorless and transparent, with excellent mechanical properties. It is mainly used in new energy vehicles, Carbon fiber appearance parts in electronic and electrical fields

The medium-high temperature curing flame-retardant epoxy resin systemis composed of self-synthesized intrinsic flame-retardant epoxy resin, high-temperature toughness epoxy resin and a special curing agent system. At 150°C/5min, the curing degree reaches 99%, and the mechanical properties are Excellent, the resin system is halogen-free and flame retardant, and the 0.3mm carbon fiber sheet is flame retardant up to UL94V-0. It can be used in composite materials in the fields of new energy vehicles, rail transit, electronic and electrical battery casings, etc.

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