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Two-way woven fabric

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Two-way woven fabric (also known as two-way carbon fiber woven fabric or two-way fiberglass woven fabric) is a fiber-reinforced composite substrate commonly used to manufacture lightweight, high-strength structural components. This fabric is characterized by its fibers being woven crosswise in two directions (usually lengthwise and crosswise) to create a grid or checkered pattern. This weave gives the material bidirectional strength and stiffness, allowing it to perform well in multiple direction.

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Aarbon fiber fabricReinforced fabric with interwoven warp and weft, lightweight, high modulus, high strength and high heat resistance

200-480g, width 500-1500mm, plain weave, twill weave, satin weave, 3K, 12k

Bicycles, medical equipment, industrial rollers, drones

Aramid fiber fabric

Reinforced fabric with interwoven warp and weft, lightweight, high toughness, wear-resistant and chemical-resistant

80-300g width 500-1500mm, plain weave, twill weave

Thermal insulation, 3C electronics, aerospace, body armor, mechanical and electrical engineering

Performance hybrid 


Different high-performance mixed fabrics, lightweight, rigid and soft, with novel and beautiful appearance

100-300g width 500-1500mm plain weave, twill weave, carbon fiber glass fiber blend, carbon fiber aramid blend

Car modification, fishing gear, sports equipment, national defense

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