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The role of car carbon fiber shark fins

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        What are the benefits of having a "shark fin" in a car? After listening to the insider, I quickly installed one.

        After development, cars have become popular, and more and more people are buying cars. However, everyone is not a fool, and it is not that the manufacturer pays as much as he wants. The value is often cost-effective, which can also be understood as low price and high quality. Manufacturers are also aware of this point, and often launch some models that meet people's expectations, but there are more problems with the number of car styles. Too many models do not know how to choose, so we sometimes buy a car. You can't just look at the appearance. Some functions of the car are also very important. You should understand it well before buying it. For example, some car owners have modified the antenna on the door of the car into shark fins for the sake of appearance. Why?


        I have to say that shark fins are a beautiful design, which can reduce wind resistance and noise. When the car is driving at high speed, there will be an airflow passing through the body and pressing the body, so that the car will become more stable, of course. When designing, this resistance will be minimized as much as possible. The shark fins can cut the airflow of the air, which reduces the fuel consumption by 3% to a certain extent. The higher the speed, the better the effect.


        Secondly, shark fins can reduce the static electricity of the car body. Many people are more caring for the car, and they will often clean it after buying a car, but we found such a problem. , This is the electrostatic adsorption effect, which is most obvious in winter. Many old drivers use iron chains to mop the floor to reduce static electricity. In fact, shark fins can reduce static electricity. There is a small setting for electrostatic discharger at the tail. It can reduce the hidden danger caused by static electricity.


         The shark fins can also prevent rear-end collisions. We can make some modifications to the shark fins. As long as you are careful, you can find the mystery. Some people have modified this thing into a warning light, which can flash during driving. Vehicles, pay attention to keeping the distance between the cars. It is more powerful when driving at night, especially those black cars, because the color and the night are easy to blend together. With this flashing reminder, the rear car can find the target in advance, and there will be no accidents. Now, don't underestimate this reminder, many accidents can be avoided.

         The last point is that it is more convenient to use the car. Compared with the traditional retractable antenna, the shark fin looks more attractive, and we don't need to take this thing off when we wash the car, we can also go to wash the car directly. In addition, the number of shark fins is reduced. Some unnecessary troubles, such as when passing a bridge hole, if it is a small antenna, it is easy to be stuck or broken, but the shark fin will not have such a situation, and the whole vehicle looks more integrated, so Such a design is good.

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