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The production process of carbon fiber honeycomb panel

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Carbon fiber honeycomb panels are composed of carbon fiber panels and honeycomb sandwich structures. They not only have good high strength and high specific stiffness, but also have excellent bending stiffness and higher structural stability. Therefore, they are widely used in aerospace, medical equipment, industrial equipment and other fields. have wide applications.

The production of carbon fiber honeycomb panels has the following three steps:

1. Production of carbon fiber board

The carbon fiber prepreg is cut according to the size requirements, and then it is laid up according to the angles of 0°, ±45°, and 90°, and then a multi-layer carbon fiber composite laminate can be obtained. Then put it into a sealed bag and seal it well, put it into an autoclave to heat and pressurize to solidify, and the prepared upper and lower panels can be obtained.

2. Processing of upper and lower panels

Use more than 200 mesh sandpaper to polish the surface of one side of the carbon fiber plate, and then use acetone to remove the dust and oil on the polished surface. Then rinse it with deionized water, dry it, and cut it to the required size.

3. Preparation of honeycomb sandwich panel

According to customer requirements, honeycomb sandwich panels can choose aluminum honeycomb panels, aramid honeycomb panels and other materials

4. Production of carbon fiber honeycomb panels

Lay the upper and lower carbon fiber panels and honeycomb panels according to the requirements, and fix them with cement, then put them into a sealed bag and seal them, and put them into an autoclave for curing and molding: the curing temperature is 120°C, and the molding pressure is 0.3MPa. After the temperature in the tank cools down, take out the composite carbon fiber honeycomb panel.

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