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The production process and precautions of carbon fiber square tube

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Carbon fiber square tubes are different from round tubes, which can be rolled and manufactured by equipment. Carbon fiber square tubes are prone to unreliable pressure when they are rolled and processed, which can easily lead to air bubbles and faults. The performance advantage drops. Therefore, more carbon fiber square tubes still choose winding or molding processes.

Carbon fiber square tube molding process:

1. Design the mold according to the size. The mold design needs to consider the thermal expansion and contraction during product molding, especially the tolerance of the inner diameter of the core, which must be able to meet the square tube size communicated with the customer.

2. According to the performance requirements, the carbon fiber prepreg is cut, and then laminated according to the performance and thickness of the product. The carbon fiber square tube after laying needs to be further compacted.

3. After the layering is completed, the adobe is sent to a high-temperature curing furnace for curing. After the curing is completed, demoulding is performed, and then both sides are cut off, and then the square tube body is processed to make the size meet the requirements.

 The above is the production process of carbon fiber square tube. Although it seems that the difficulty is not high, in actual processing, many details need to be controlled:

1. When laying the carbon fiber prepreg, it must be compacted. You can pre-compact the carbon fiber prepreg with the help of a blower, so as to avoid air bubbles on the surface of the formed square tube.

2. Furthermore, there must be certain requirements for the tightness of the mold, so as to avoid the occurrence of pleats caused by insufficient mold tightness.

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