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The process of spraying paint on a carbon fiber tube

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Carbon fiber tube spraying color paint is to spray the surface of carbon fiber tube with color paint. This can increase the appearance of the carbon fiber tube, and can also change its color according to different usage requirements. Its production process is as follows:

1. Surface treatment: Before spraying the color paint, the carbon fiber tube needs to be surface treated. First, clean the surface of the carbon fiber tube, remove oil and dust, and then grind the surface of the carbon fiber tube.

2. Spray the primer: Spray the prepared primer on the carbon fiber tube with a spray gun. A multi-layer coating is required. Each layer needs to be dried before applying the next layer.

3. Apply color paint: After the color primer is dry, the color paint can be applied.

4. Spray varnish: After the colored paint dries, spray varnish. This protects the color paint and makes it last longer, and also adds gloss to the carbon fiber tubes.

5. Complete treatment:After the carbon fiber tubes are finished with color paint spraying and surface treatment, spray positioning marks and data labels.

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