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The nano-ceramic coating makes carbon fiber even more powerful!

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With the development of nanotechnology, the combination of nanotechnology and coating technology can give full play to its comprehensive advantages, realize the excellent performance of materials in mechanics, heat, electromagnetics, etc., and meet its structural performance (strength, toughness, etc.) and environment Performance (wear resistance, corrosion resistance, high-temperature resistance, etc.) requirements. Nano-ceramic coatings are coatings with special physical and chemical properties, which make the coatings present characteristics that conventional materials do not have in terms of functional protection. Therefore, nano-ceramic coatings have broad application prospects in heat insulation, anti-corrosion and anti-rust, insulation protection, self-cleaning and anti-fouling, absorption and energy saving, sealing, and high temperature resistance. Carbon fiber is widely used in various fields due to its excellent performance. Therefore, additional nano-coating can improve the application performance of carbon fiber sheets and pipes, meet more special environmental and performance requirements, and make carbon fiber even more powerful, becoming a more excellent "new material" King of".

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