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The manufacturing process of PMI foam

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                PMI foam is a lightweight, high-performance foam material widely used in aircraft, spacecraft and other fields. Its production process is as follows:        

    1. Raw material preparation:The main raw material of PMI foam is polymethylisobenzonitrile (PMI), which needs to be heated into a liquid state before production.

    2. Pressurized injection molding:inject the heated PMI liquid into the pressurized injection molding machine, and inject it into the mold through high pressure.

    3. Hardening:PMI foam needs to be hardened after injection molding. Generally, heat is used to harden it in the mold to form a complete foam structure.

    4. Cutting:After the foam is hardened, take it out of the mold, and then use cutting machine or wire rope and other equipment to cut and separate.

       The above is the production process of PMI foam. This process requires advanced technology and equipment such as high-pressure injection molding for production. Therefore, parameters such as temperature, pressure, and time need to be strictly controlled during the manufacturing process to ensure the quality and performance of PMI foam.



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