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The importance of carbon fiber tube demoulding

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      There is another very important process in the production of carbon fiber tubes, which is the application of release agent. Before the carbon fiber tube is pressed and formed, it should be applied on the outside of the mold. The places where the carbon fiber prepreg contacts the mold must be applied. This is related to the demoulding after hot pressing. The product falls off the mold perfectly, which also has a great impact on the quality of the product itself.

     The demoulding process of carbon fiber tubes needs to be completed by a demoulding machine. The demoulding machine stocked in the Future carbon fiber products factory can complete the daily demoulding of carbon fiber tubes with a length of less than 5 meters. If the carbon fiber tube is an extra-long one or the diameter is too large, a larger-sized demoulding machine is needed to complete it.

Carbon fiber tube demoulding steps

     1. Clean the mold: You can use an appropriate amount of detergent to clean the residue and dirt on the mold to ensure that the surface of the mold is smooth;

    2. Dry: Wipe the mold surface clean with a clean cloth or towel;

    3. Spraying: Use spraying equipment equipped with carbon fiber release agent to spray on the surface of the mold. Each part needs to be sprayed;

    4. Apply: Use a brush or sponge to apply the release agent evenly on the mold;

    5. Demolding: Place the hot-formed carbon fiber tube on the demoulding machine to automatically complete demoulding;

   Carbon fiber tube molds and demoulding are important guarantees for carbon fiber tubes to meet usage requirements. The former ensures appearance and the latter ensures performance. They are two indispensable and important parts in the carbon fiber tube production process. In industrial production, a small error may result in the loss of a large amount of material and labor costs, so carelessness is not allowed.

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