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The difference between unidirectional carbon fiber cloth and bidirectional carbon fiber cloth

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        Carbon fiber cloth reinforcement, as a new type of reinforcement method, is widely used in the field of building reinforcement due to its many advantages. Carbon fiber cloth is divided into unidirectional and bidirectional. 

The difference between the two is as follows:

1,The difference in appearance

       Unidirectional carbon fiber cloth, in accordance with the national standard "GB50367-2006", generally refers to woven carbon fiber tows in one direction, which is often referred to as the longitude (latitude and longitude) direction, and the other direction is made of special high-strength Fixed with hot melt glue. The advantage of this is that it can prevent the carbon fiber cloth from becoming loose and play a fixed role.

      The bidirectional carbon fiber cloth contains a large amount of twistless rovings in both the horizontal and vertical directions. It is woven in both warp and weft directions. The thickness is slightly thicker than that of the unidirectional carbon fiber cloth. The bidirectional carbon fiber cloth has many textures and is common. There are plain weave, twill weave, satin weave and so on.

2, The difference in application

       Many of the carbon fiber cloths we often mention are unidirectional carbon fiber cloths. Because unidirectional carbon fiber cloth has better performance, for example: it has good permeability, and it is more in line with common reinforcement projects, and the cost is relatively low, so this is why the carbon cloth we often see is generally unidirectional carbon fiber cloth. s reason. The bidirectional carbon fiber cloth is more suitable for the reinforcement of structural cracks with irregular directions, or the reinforcement of buildings such as pipes.

3, The difference in performance

       The unidirectional carbon fiber cloth and the epoxy resin adhesive are pasted on the structure to be reinforced in the direction of tension or the direction of the vertical crack, which can form a new composite body, which can make the pasting material and the reinforced structure on the The crack resistance and shear resistance are strengthened, and the strength, stiffness and ductility of the structure can also be improved.

        Two-way carbon fiber cloth can withstand the tension exerted by both sides, but because each carbon fiber filament is superimposed, it is more troublesome in the weaving process, and the price will naturally be much higher.

The advantages of carbon fiber cloth reinforcement construction:

1. The construction quality is easy to guarantee Because the carbon fiber cloth is soft, even if it is reinforced on an object with an uneven surface, 100% effective paste is guaranteed. If there are air bubbles on the surface of the paste, the air can be easily driven away by injecting the paste with a syringe, but it is difficult to paste a steel plate.

2. The construction is convenient and there is no wet operation, no need for large-scale construction equipment, and no need for on-site fixed facilities. The carbon fiber cloth can be cut arbitrarily, the construction is simple, and the construction period is short.

3. Thin thickness and light weight. After pasting, the weight per square meter is less than 1.0kg (including the weight of glue), and the thickness of a layer of carbon fiber cloth is only 0.111 mm / 0.167 mm, and the self-weight and external dimensions are basically not increased after repairing.

4. Wide range of application: Carbon fiber cloth reinforcement and repair can be widely used in various types and shapes of concrete structures without changing the shape of the structure or affecting the appearance of the structure. Carbon fiber cloth has excellent physical and mechanical properties, the tensile strength is 7-10 times higher than that of ordinary steel, and the elastic modulus is close to that of steel, which is very suitable for reinforcement and repair of reinforced concrete.

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