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The application prospects of carbon fiber composite materials in the field of express drones

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In recent years, the annual e-commerce sales and the number of express packages have been very alarming. Therefore, in order to solve the problem of the last stop of logistics, Chinese e-commerce companies have begun to test drone express technology.

According to estimates by people in the e-commerce logistics industry, in the next 3 to 5 years, the labor and transportation costs of logistics will increase by 15% to 50%. Under this circumstance, drone logistics systems will have great application value. The initial idea is to combine express delivery drones with automatic base stations. During the entire freight process, the automatic base stations are responsible for picking goods, battery replacement, and maintenance, while the drones are responsible for outward transportation, and can work continuously for 24 hours without interruption.

Although drones are safe, their payloads are too small to meet most express delivery needs, and they are difficult to use for long periods of time in terms of battery life. Taking the currently commonly used electric drones as an example, after an average charge, they can fly about 10 kilometers in 10 minutes. Considering the return journey, the delivery range of electric drones is within 5 kilometers. As a high-frequency express drone, machine, this kind of battery life is far from enough.

In response to these problems, in addition to optimizing the design and higher-quality battery systems, reducing the weight of the drone through the use of lightweight materials is also an effective solution. Take the drone shell manufactured by Future as an example. The entire shell is made of carbon fiber composite material and weighs about 95g. The weight reduction effect is very obvious. In addition, in addition to the drone shell, carbon fiber composite materials can be used for the mainboard propeller, arm, etc. , and the high strength and high toughness of carbon fiber composite materials can also ensure the safety of drones during operation.

Although the application space of express delivery drones is still very limited due to many factors such as airspace control and technological advancement at this stage, it is believed that with the rapid development of drone technology and the increasingly strong market demand, carbon fiber composite materials will be used in express delivery drones. Machine applications will have great potential for development.

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