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The application of carbon fiber motorcycle parts will surely set off a new trend of change

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With the continuous improvement of social economy, environmental protection has become a trend, saving non-renewable resources and improving fuel efficiency have become the main development directions of future automobiles. Developed countries in the world take carbon fiber for motorcycles as an important symbol to measure the level of motorcycle manufacturing and design


The use of carbon fiber in motorcycles will greatly reduce weight, and the lightweight design of motorcycles includes not only mass reduction, but also structural redesign and integration to achieve optimal results. So as to achieve the effect of energy saving, environmental protection and safe driving.

           Carbon fiber composite materials are light in weight and kinetic energy, effectively reducing noise and vibration. It greatly improves the comfort of the occupants. At the same time, the carbon fiber composite material has the advantages of high strength, fatigue resistance and anti-aging. It can use less or no lubricating oil to achieve the goals of energy saving, environmental protection, cleanliness and no pollution. With the development trend of lightweight for vehicles, carbon fiber materials, or the leader of motorcycle materials, will surely set off a new trend of change.

  The application of carbon fiber in motorcycle parts

      Motorcycle carbon fiber modified parts mainly replace the original plastic shell with carbon fiber to increase the strength and personalized characteristics of the shell. Carbon fiber can also be used to modify exhaust pipes, lamp covers, handlebars, fenders, fuel tank casings, load-bearing body frames, etc. on motorcycles. Many motorcycle manufacturers in Japan have cooperated with carbon fiber composite manufacturers to develop usable motorcycle parts. Because carbon fiber composite materials have the advantages of light weight, high modulus, and high tensile strength, it can be predicted that with the growth of motorcycle demand in the future, the application prospect of carbon fiber composite materials in the field of motorcycles is very optimistic.

Market demand and application prospect of carbon fiber composite materials for vehicles 

     Carbon fiber composite materials for motorcycles refer to composites of resin and carbon fiber, which are mainly used for various structural and non-structural parts of motorcycles. The density of carbon fiber commonly used in motorcycles is 1.4-2.1g/cm2, only 20%-25% of carbon steel, about 30% lighter than aluminum alloy, its tensile strength is 3--5 times that of steel, and its stiffness is 2--4 times that of steel. Replacing with fiber composite materials not only reduces the total weight of the motorcycle, but also reduces the power, thereby reducing the risk of impact due to excessive kinetic energy. Therefore, the use of carbon fiber instead of steel and aluminum parts, the lightweight effect is very obvious. And considering the durability, crashworthiness, appearance style, and parts modification of motorcycles, more and more motorcycle manufacturers have begun to pay attention to carbon fiber composite materials.

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