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The Analysis of machining problems for carbon fiber plates

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With the development of science and technology, the application of composite materials has gradually become more and more extensive, such as in aerospace and construction, and composite materials have a huge role. In the process of utilizing composite material parts, not only the manufacturing process parameters must be optimized, but also precise machining methods must be adapted to meet the design requirements. In the production process of products, mechanical processing is an extremely important process link, which has a direct impact on the quality of composite materials, especially the processing of holes.Analysis of machining problems for carbon fiber plates

For the hole-making process of carbon fiber plates, not only the hole-making defects of traditional metal materials, but also the unique defects of composite material structures, such as fuzzing, material delamination, etc., and for holes in carbon fiber plates, other materials are often connected These parts are often weak or critical positions in the entire structure. Therefore, when designing carbon fiber panels, engineers should fully consider the factors that affect the quality of holes, so as to ensure good hole quality of composite materials. Consideration of machining problems in the process of hole forming design of carbon fiber plate products.

1.Consideration of hole forming scheme

The processing method for the hole forming of the composite structure can be considered from various aspects such as specific technical requirements, environmental problems, and structural integrity. For composite materials, the use of hole processing will destroy the integrity of its structure, so the simpler the manufacturing process and the fewer processes are adopted, the less impact on product quality will be. Therefore, for some hole-forming products that can be molded or otherwise, machining should be avoided as much as possible; for those with a large number of holes, or with high requirements for technology and precision, machining is required. The solution is not only simple and effective but also a good guarantee for the quality of the product.

2.Comprehensive consideration of various factors in hole machining

(1) Structural considerations. The continuity of the structural layer of composite materials will be easily damaged during hole processing, which will have a certain impact on the force-bearing capacity and service life of the product. To meet the requirements for the use of products; in addition, to hole processing with higher quality requirements, on the premise of ensuring technical requirements, it is also necessary to improve the processability such as time-saving processing and easy installation of tooling. Give full consideration.

(2) Consideration of product structure quality and raw materials. For the processing of carbon fiber plates, choosing materials with good impregnation and small porosity can effectively improve the performance of the product. For example, for vacuum-impregnated materials, laminates are used for processing, which has good processing performance, while for holes made of glass fiber-reinforced plastics, the quality pass rate of holes will be reduced due to poor impregnation of raw materials.

(3) Consideration of the selection of processing technology. A carbon fiber plate is a two-phase or multi-phase structure composed of carbon fiber and matrix. It has the characteristics of heterogeneity and anisotropy, which is quite different from traditional materials. Therefore, the processing of composite materials cannot be processed according to the processing of traditional metal materials. Experience and knowledge processing otherwise will cause a series of problems in the product. For example, when drilling metal, if composite materials are processed by traditional processing methods, there will be delamination of materials around the hole wall, out-of-round hole shapes, and dimensional errors.

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