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The 4200mm large-diameter full carbon fiber composite rocket fairing has successfully rolled off the production line

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            Recently, the latest progress of the "Tianlong 3" (TL-3) large-scale liquid launcher shows that the rocket's 4200mm large-diameter full carbon fiber composite "rectification" has successfully rolled off the production line. This milestone marks a major breakthrough in China's development capabilities for large-scale composite cabins, further promoting the development of high-quality, high-efficiency, and low-cost products.


Fairing features:


Length: about 13m

Material: Full carbon fiber composite material

Purpose: Located at the front end of the rocket, it is an extremely important and complex section of the rocket.

Importance: It is the largest fairing in China’s commercial aerospace industry, the largest all-carbon fiber fairing in China, and the first fairing tailor-made for the Internet constellation.

Development difficulty and breakthrough:

              Technical difficulties: During the development process, it is necessary to overcome the integrated molding technology of large-size launch vehicle fairing Von Karman and front column section, the design and manufacturing technology of full carbon fiber composite material of large-size inverted cone section, the application technology of composite middle frame and stringers, and rectification The design and manufacturing technology of the overall full carbon fiber structure of the hood

Innovation and breakthrough: Tianlong-3's 4200mm large-diameter full carbon fiber fairing has achieved innovation and breakthroughs in performance and technical application. It can be called the most advanced composite fairing in China.

Development results:

Cost reduction: Breakthrough in innovative technology reduces the development cost of Tianlong 3 fairing by 30%

Improved production efficiency: Production efficiency increased by more than 20%

Shortened development cycle: Greatly shortened product development cycle

Follow-up plan:

             Related tests: Tianbing Technology will conduct relevant tests according to the development plan to ensure the "successful launch and stable mass production of the Tianlong-3 large liquid rocket"

            Leading China's commercial aerospace industry: The successful development of Tianlong-3's 4200mm large-diameter all-carbon fiber composite rectifier will lead China's commercial aerospace industry into the era of large-capacity liquid rockets.

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