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Talking about carbon fiber cloth

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         Carbon fiber has many excellent properties and plays a huge role in production and life. Because carbon fiber is filamentous, in order to function better, carbon fiber needs to be woven to obtain carbon fiber woven cloth. Carbon fiber cloth is generally divided into unidirectional carbon fiber cloth, bidirectional carbon fiber cloth, and other carbon fiber cloth.

1. Unidirectional carbon fiber cloth

         Unidirectional carbon fiber cloth refers to a large amount of carbon fiber filaments in one direction (usually the warp direction), and only a small amount and usually thin carbon fiber filaments in the other direction, so that practically the entire strength of the cloth is in the first direction. A carbon fiber cloth.

         In fact, unidirectional carbon fiber cloth does not mean that there is only one direction of carbon fiber. It has carbon fiber in both the warp and weft directions, but usually there is only a small amount of carbon fiber yarn in the weft direction, which plays a fixed role and prevents it from spreading. The unidirectional carbon fiber cloth maintains the full strength of the carbon fiber in the warp direction, and is particularly advantageous for use as a reinforcing material. Therefore, the combination of unidirectional carbon fiber cloth and resin is widely used as reinforcement material for buildings and bridges.

         The strength of carbon fiber is 7-10 times that of steel with the same body section, and the quality is about 1/5 of that of steel. It has high strength, light weight, and easy construction (superior resin impregnation, easy to remove air bubbles, excellent workability, and compact packaging. , lightweight, rollable, portable, easy to paste, excellent adhesion to the concave and convex surface, not messy when cutting along the direction of carbon fiber), corrosion resistance, is an epoch-making reinforcement material, has a traditional The incomparable superiority of reinforcement materials.

          The carbon fiber reinforcement method is currently an advanced method used in the reinforcement of bridges, tunnels, buildings and other reinforced concrete structures in advanced countries such as the United States, Japan and Europe. The surface of the structure can improve the bearing capacity of the structure, reduce the deformation disturbance of the structure, and increase its safety and durability.

2.Two-way carbon fiber cloth

          Bidirectional carbon fiber cloth is made of carbon fiber tow, woven in both warp and weft, and can be woven, knitted, woven, etc.

Woven carbon fiber cloth, mainly include: plain weave, twill, satin, unidirectional, etc.;

Knitted carbon fiber cloth, mainly include: warp knitted cloth, weft knitted cloth, circular knitted cloth (sleeve), flat knitted cloth (ribbed cloth), etc.;

Woven carbon fiber cloth, mainly includes: casing, packing, braided belt, two-dimensional cloth, three-dimensional cloth, three-dimensional woven cloth, etc.

          Bidirectional carbon fiber cloth can avoid the disadvantage that unidirectional cloth is only stressed in one direction. The two-way carbon fiber cloth material is light, thin, soft, high strength, and resistant to aging. In addition to being used as a reinforcement material, it can also be used as an appearance part of carbon fiber composite materials. The material made of carbon fiber has a cool appearance and texture of carbon fiber.

3. Other carbon fiber cloth

Spread cloth

          The widening cloth is a special process that increases the width of the conventional 2-3 mm wide carbon fiber yarn several times. Compared with the traditional carbon fiber cloth, the widening cloth is lighter, thinner, the monofilaments are arranged in parallel and the density distribution is uniform. have better weight loss effect.

Mixed fabric

         Carbon fiber can be mixed with aramid and glass fiber. In addition to changing the monotonous black color of carbon fiber, mixing with aramid can also improve the brittleness of carbon fiber itself and increase flexibility.

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