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Quality indicators of carbon fiber prepreg

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1. Appearance:

The fibers in the carbon fiber prepreg should be uniform, parallel, and tightly arranged. The resin should be fully infiltrated into the carbon fiber and there should be no glue-rich or glue-poor areas. There should be no wrinkles, twists, intersections, debris, filament ends, filament clumps, etc. inside.

2. Physical properties:

The physical performance indicators of carbon fiber prepreg mainly include mass per unit area, fiber mass per unit area, glue content, and thickness. To obtain uniform mass and thickness per unit area, the mass per unit area and glue content of carbon fiber need to be strictly controlled.

3. Molding processability

The quality of carbon fiber prepreg's viscosity, gel time, resin molecular weight and distribution, resin outflow, volatile content, curing conditions and other parameters will affect the molding process of the prepreg.

According to the basic requirements we mentioned above, these parameters are required to be within a reasonable range and must not exceed this range to avoid affecting the final quality of the composite material. 

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