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Preparation of carbon fiber roller blank

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       Carbon fiber rollers are usually made from carbon fiber pipes made by the winding forming process. The carbon fiber winding molding process is to wind continuous fibers (or cloth tapes, prepreg yarns) soaked in resin glue onto a mandrel according to a certain rule, and then solidify and demould to obtain the product.

        According to the different physical and chemical states of the resin matrix during fiber winding molding, it is divided into three types: dry winding, wet winding and semi-dry winding. Dry winding uses prepreg yarns or tapes that have been prepreg-treated, and is heated and softened to a viscous flow state on a winding machine before being wound onto the mandrel; wet winding uses fiber bundles (yarn tapes) that are impregnated with glue. It is directly wound onto the mandrel under tension control; the semi-dry winding method is that after the fiber is impregnated, a set of drying equipment is added to remove the solvent from the impregnated yarn on the way to the mandrel. Compared with the dry method , eliminating the prepreg process and equipment, and compared with the wet method, the bubble content in the product can be reduced. Among the three winding methods, wet winding is the most commonly used, while dry winding is only used in high-performance, high-precision cutting-edge technical fields.

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