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PMI Flame Retardant Properties of Carbon Fiber Sandwich Foam

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The core material foam plastic uses two boards and then sandwiches the foam in the middle. The purpose of this is to meet the thermal insulation of buildings and the effect of sound insulation. It is not difficult to process, and the material in the middle is mainly made of foam and then processed into sandwich panels. This kind of core material foam gives full play to the unique properties of rock wool core material, which is fireproof, and also has good thermal insulation effect, and has the unique characteristics of heat insulation, sound absorption and sound insulation. 


This kind of core material foam plastic is made of color steel rock wool sandwich panel, which is processed into a whole by rock wool and steel plate, so that the board can meet the requirements of building thermal insulation, sound insulation, fire prevention, and this material The safety of use is also relatively high, so that the goals of high quality, high efficiency, reliability and safety can be achieved, so this material is also used by everyone. The polystyrene core foam is made of colored steel plate as the surface, and closed-cell self-extinguishing polystyrene foam as the core.

A new type of high-efficiency composite building material made of high-strength adhesives after the color steel plate is pressed by an automatic continuous forming machine. It has the characteristics of thermal insulation, waterproof one-time completion, fast construction, durable, beautiful and so on. 

The core material foam plastic has the advantages of light weight, 1/20~1/30 of the weight of the concrete roof, thermal insulation, thermal conductivity value of 0.034W/mk, fast construction speed, no wet work, no secondary decoration, and the construction period can be It is shortened by more than 40%, the color is bright, no surface decoration is required, and the maintenance period of the anti-corrosion layer of the color galvanized steel plate is 15-30 years.

In recent years, a large number of fire accidents have occurred one after another, which seriously threatens the safety of people's lives and property and public safety, mainly because the material itself is flammable and will produce poisonous gas when burning. Carbon fiber sandwich foam is a lightweight, fireproof, thermal insulation plastic product with excellent performance, which is flame retardant, low smoke, low toxicity and thermal stability. With the development of technology, sandwich structures are more and more applied to composite materials.

The carbon fiber sandwich foam is made by post-molding process, using two-component polyisocyanate emulsion type adhesive, which is manually rolled and sizing, and the sizing amount is 180 ~ 200g/m2. Laminate in turn, place them on a cold press for 45 minutes, and store them for 24 hours after decompression, and then cut them according to customer requirements.


The difficulty of combustion is related to the oxygen index of the material. The oxygen index refers to the oxygen concentration required for the flame combustion of the material in the oxygen-nitrogen mixture under specified conditions. The higher the oxygen index, the higher the oxygen concentration required to maintain combustion, which means the harder it is to burn. The oxygen index of carbon fiber sandwich foam can be as high as 46.8%, the smoke density is 2.5%, the smoke density grade is 1.83, and the amount of smoke released is very small. 

During the combustion test, the core body did not melt or drip, but it shrank a little, and the surface of the flame contacted part was carbonized. The oxygen index of the carbon fiber board was 42.5%, which reached the B1 level of flame retardant, and the smoke density value was 20.44%. Far less than the smoke density of similar non-flame retardant fiberboards by 50% to 80%. The carbon fiber composite sandwich panel prepared by using these two materials with excellent flame retardant properties can effectively prevent the fire from spreading when a fire occurs.

The flame-retardant carbon fiber board cladding not only overcomes the problem of easy weathering of pp sandwich panels, but also has the advantages of flame retardancy, low smoke, light weight and high strength, buffering and energy absorption. Carbon fiber sandwich foam is flame retardant and has excellent mechanical properties. It can be used in automobile manufacturing, medical equipment and other fields. It can not only reduce the quality of products and improve the bearing capacity, but also reduce the incidence of fire due to its excellent flame retardant properties, ensuring national property and people's lives. Safe, with good economic and social benefits.

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