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Performance of carbon fiber machine gun frame

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              In the development process of light automatic weapons, the extremely important tactical and technical indicators that need to be realized are to greatly reduce the mass of the weapon system, improve the maneuverability of weapons, and at the same time ensure the projectile dispersion accuracy of light weapons. Especially the burst shooting accuracy to meet the combat technical index requirements of light weapons in modern warfare.

However, the currently used 12.7mm large-caliber machine guns are still relatively heavy, especially the heavy gun frame. To realize the lightweight of the large-caliber machine gun and improve its mobility, it mainly relies on measures such as replacing traditional materials with new materials and improving the structure of the gun frame. to fulfill.

Unlike metal materials, carbon fiber composites are anisotropic, while large-caliber machine guns mainly require solving vibration problems in the longitudinal plane. Therefore, we take advantage of this characteristic of the composite material, to increase its longitudinal stiffness and choose the layup design and winding angle to meet the stiffness requirements of the gun frame structure.

The large-caliber machine gun frame made of carbon fiber composite material can greatly reduce the mass of the machine gun and improve its mobility. Compared with the steel gun frame, the quality of the carbon fiber composite material gun frame is reduced by 25%. Carbon fiber has a high specific strength, high elastic modulus, high damping, good vibration absorption, and significant design freedom ofextensiverial properties. A new type of large-caliber machine gun frame is designed, which not only maintains the structural dynamic characteristics of the original machine gun, And the quality greatly reduced.

The carbon fiber composite machine gun frame was mounted on the gun and carried out two burst shooting accuracy tests. It can be seen that the machine gun can still ensure burst shooting accuracy and has improved under the condition of greatly reducing the quality of the machine gun frame. Structural dynamic analysis and dispersion accuracy test show that it is feasible to manufacture machine gun frames with carbon fiber reinforced epoxy resin, which opens up a new way for the gun frame design.

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