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Performance differences between PMI and other different core materials

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Currently, common core materials on the market include polyurethane, PVC and PMI, and Future mainly provides PMI. Because PMI has obvious performance differences and advantages compared to other core materials:

1.Cost-effectiveness: There are obvious differences in the prices of polyurethane, PVC and PMI, with PMI having the highest cost-effectiveness.

2.Process performance: Taking advantage of PMI's high temperature resistance, the curing time can be shortened and the curing temperature can be increased during processing, thereby improving the efficiency of equipment and reducing process costs.

3.Mechanical properties: Because PMI has better specific mechanical properties than polyurethane and PVC, it can meet the structural requirements when the density is very small. The lightweight of PMI reduces the energy consumed by the finished product in working conditions and increases the payload.

4.Other properties: PMI foam also has excellent dielectric properties, low aluminum equivalent, and strong fatigue resistance.

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