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Performance comparison of carbon fiber tube, aluminum tube and steel tube

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              Carbon fiber pipes have a series of advantages such as light weight, high strength, impact resistance, corrosion resistance, and high stability, and are used to replace metal pipes in many fields. Recently, Boshi will also receive questions from customers. Will the carbon fiber tube age during use? Will it affect the overall performance?

               Any material will age, and carbon fiber pipes are no exception. We can compare carbon fiber pipes with metal pipes more intuitively.

Compared with steel pipes and carbon fiber pipes, the performance of aluminum pipes and aluminum pipes is much lower in strength, but the anti-aging performance of aluminum pipes is good. Due to the relatively low strength of aluminum pipes, they cannot be well used in high-strength operations. in the scene.


            The strength of the steel pipe is higher than that of the aluminum pipe, the performance is also very stable, and the production cost is low and the price is relatively low, so the steel pipe is used in many fields. Because it is a metal product, the quality of the steel pipe itself is relatively high, and it is prone to bending, and it is particularly easy to rust in an acid-alkali environment, so it is not suitable for some special fields.


               Carbon fiber pipe, the strength of carbon fiber pipe is 3 times that of steel pipe, and the quality is only one-fifth of that of steel pipe, which makes the advantages in strength and modulus far higher than that of steel pipe and aluminum pipe, and it is thick and has strong corrosion resistance. performance, long life. The disadvantage is that it shows brittleness when it exceeds the load-bearing range. That is because of its high load-bearing performance, so brittleness is not a particularly obvious disadvantage. The corrosion resistance is much higher than that of steel pipes and aluminum pipes.


              Any material will appear aging, and it will be affected by the environment such as temperature, wind, and environmental humidity. If the temperature rises here, the carbon fiber tube will be softened, and it will decompose if it exceeds the high temperature resistance. Although the carbon fiber itself is resistant to high temperature, but Carbon fiber tubes contain resin, which is not very high temperature resistant and will weather over time. If the ambient humidity is high, in the environment of strong acid and alkali, the performance of the carbon fiber tube will also be degraded. If it enters from the cross section, it will affect the overall performance of the carbon fiber tube, which will reduce the performance. The chemical medium is usually along the surface-interface-interior direction. Penetration and diffusion, the precipitation and loss of corrosion products make the internal and external surface morphology of the composite material change.

             Although carbon fiber pipes will age, the rate of aging will be very slow, and their overall lifespan is still much higher than that of metal pipes. The service life of a carbon fiber tube is 10-20 years, and then another one can be replaced to ensure its stable performance.

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