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Performance and Application Advantages of Carbon Fiber Barrel

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           As carbon fiber technology becomes increasingly popular in the manufacture of small arms, industry giants continue to challenge weapons development using the material.

        According to a report in the September issue of the US "Defense" monthly magazine, Proof Research, a gun research and development company in Columbia Falls, Montana, USA, has produced barrels wrapped in carbon fiber to improve accuracy, durability and barrel life. According to Chad Van Brunt, the company's weapons engineer, switching from a traditional steel barrel to a carbon-fiber-wrapped barrel reduces the weight of the rifle, allowing soldiers to hit targets more accurately for longer periods of time .

     The carbon fiber barrel is 64% lighter than traditional steel barrels and improves heat dissipation, which reduces the temperature of the barrel and extends its life, in addition to reducing gun vibration. It can ensure that the stress state of the barrel is consistent with various temperature ranges. Utilizing carbon fiber technology, weight can be reduced without sacrificing performance. "

   The product was developed with the needs of different consumer groups in mind, including defense, aviation and hunters. The individual characteristics of the barrel can be adapted to customer requirements. But there is not a huge difference between the production and design of different projects. Chad Van Brunt says the barrel is popular with hunters, shooters and the military because it is attractive on all counts. "

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