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Performance advantages of composite materials used in drones

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As a high-tech product, drones have received widespread attention in recent years. Among them, composite materials are increasingly used in drones and have become an indispensable part of the drone manufacturing field.

1. Carbon fiber composite materials

Carbon fiber composite materials are widely used in drones. Its density is much smaller than other materials, its strength and stiffness are also greater, and it also has the advantages of corrosion resistance and good wear resistance. Therefore, carbon fiber composite materials are often used in structural parts such as the fuselage, wings, horizontal tail, and vertical tail of UAVs.

2. Glass fiber composite materials

Fiberglass composite material is one of the common composite materials with good sound insulation, insulation and corrosion resistance properties. It is usually used in drones such as cabins, fuel tanks and electrical systems.

Composite materials have the following advantages over traditional materials:

1. Stronger load-bearing capacity: Under the same weight, composite materials have greater strength and stiffness than traditional materials.

2. Lighter weight: Since the density of composite materials is smaller than that of traditional materials, under the same size and load-bearing conditions, the use of composite materials for drones can reduce the weight of the aircraft body and improve flight performance.

3. Better corrosion resistance: The chemical stability of composite materials is much higher than that of traditional materials, and they especially have good resistance to acid and alkali corrosion.

4. Better processing performance: Composite materials have good plasticity and processability, and can produce parts with complex shapes.

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