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Performance advantages of carbon fiber in orthopedic medical equipment

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Carbon fiber composites have the characteristics of high strength, light weight, high specific strength and specific modulus. In orthopedic medical equipment, it can be used for accessories requiring good rigidity and light weight requirements.

1. Carbon fiber anisotropy and designability

            Carbon fiber reinforced resin matrix composites have obvious anisotropy, that is, there are obvious performance differences along the fiber axis and perpendicular to the fiber axis, and the anisotropy of the material brings greater freedom to the design.

Carbon fiber orthopaedic traction frame 2

2. Excellent X-ray transmission performance

The degree to which X-rays are attenuated or absorbed after penetrating a substance depends on the substance's composition, atomic number, density, and thickness. For carbon fiber composite materials, the element composition of resin is C, H, O, and the element composition of carbon fiber is C, and the X-ray mass absorption coefficient is particularly small, far lower than that of ordinary materials. The aluminum equivalent of carbon fiber epoxy resin composite is 0.11, the aluminum equivalent of carbon fiber composite foam sandwich structure is 0.52, and the X-ray transmission performance is much better than that of traditional medical materials such as aluminum plate, plywood and phenolic resin board. And the carbon fiber composite allows the rays to shine on the bed at any Angle without refraction.

3. Excellent resistance to frustration

   Because of the large number of patients, the requirements for the bed panel's performance are higher. There are numerous fiber/resin interfaces in carbon fiber reinforced resin matrix composites, which can prevent further crack propagation and delay the occurrence of fatigue failure. In the process of use, even if the overload causes a small number of fiber fractures, the load of the composite material component will be quickly redistributed to the undamaged fiber, so that the whole component will not lose the bearing capacity in a short time, showing excellent safety against damage.

  Based on the above excellent performance, the application of carbon fiber composite materials in the field of orthopedic medical equipment is more and more extensive and in-depth, which improves the performance and service life of orthopedic medical equipment, reduces the use cost and the treatment cost of patients.

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