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Performance advantages of aramid sporting goods

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                  High-performance sports products have always been the "magic weapon" to improve sports performance and protect athletes from injury. For example, basketball shoes with excellent performance can provide players with sufficient cushioning and wrapping capabilities in fierce confrontations; high-strength sticks and rackets can help athletes perform better.

Aramid fiber has the characteristics of high specific strength, high specific modulus, low density, low thermal expansion coefficient, good dimensional stability, chemical corrosion resistance, elasticity resistance and radiation protection. As the process technology of aramid composite materials becomes increasingly mature, its application fields have gradually expanded from the initial aerospace and military fields to civilian and sporting goods and other fields. Nowadays, more and more sports equipment are made of aramid fiber, such as bats, rackets, snowboards, sports shoes, rowing boats, model aircraft, etc.

Aramid fiber is known for its extremely high strength and toughness, and has been used in a variety of high-performance sportswear, accessories and equipment; sports shoes made of aramid fiber have high strength and wear resistance, and are used in improving speed and performance. Performance is quite good.

                  Resistant to impact without loss of quality, better attenuating vibration, faster swing speed, larger sweet spot, helping to reduce weight and retaining shape better than other materials, even if the club breaks Aramid The fibers will not form sharp sections and will not cause secondary damage to players.

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