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Pay attention to controlling the winding pressure when making carbon fiber winding pipe

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With the help of the pressure roller, the positive pressure generated by the cylinder on the cloth tape after dipping is the continuous winding pressure. This pressure can ensure close contact between the impregnated cloth tape and the mandrel, realize the effective bonding of each layer of the cloth tape, completely discharge the air bubbles between the layers, and also guarantee the effective penetration of the resin during the curing process. Since the winding pressure will be affected by the pressure of the pressure roller, the pressure of the pressure roller should be set to 180N to enhance the tightness of the winding, thereby effectively improving the performance of the product after curing. In the process of controlling the winding pressure, closed-loop control should be realized, and the cylinder is driven by power. Since the pressure of the pneumatic element changes slowly, the output of the pressure is also relatively slow.

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