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Metal wire carbon fiber cloth

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Metal wire carbon fiber cloth is woven by adding colorful metal PE threads with strong luster based on the traditional single-color carbon fiber weaving process. It adds bright and colorful color matching of carbon fiber patterns, creating a unique and high-end elegant decoration. effect.

Specification type

1k 3k 6k 12k carbon fiber

Gold plain weave, silver plain weave, silver twill, blue twill, red twill, red/silver twill, 3D pattern

Material characteristics

1. High strength

2. Low density

3. Lightweight

4. Stable performance

5. Stylish appearance

6. Natural texture, wear-resistant and practical

7.Various colors

Application areas

1.Car modification

2. Advanced model accessories

3.Sports equipment

4. Precision mechanical gaskets

5. Medical CT bed board and operating bed board and product appearance decoration

6. Luggage

7. Pen holder


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