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Manufacturing process of carbon fiber hydrogen storage bottle

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          The carbon fiber winding molding process can be divided into wet winding and dry winding. Wet winding is widely used due to its lower cost and better craftsmanship. Wet winding equipment mainly includes fiber frames, tension control equipment, and dipping tanks. , spinning nozzle and rotating mandrel structure. The most advanced six-dimensional winding technology in the world can well control the fiber direction and realize the combination of hoop winding, spiral winding and plane winding. In actual production, a combination of helical winding and circumferential winding is often used. Circular winding can eliminate the hoop stress caused by the internal pressure of the gas cylinder, while helical winding can provide longitudinal stress and improve the overall performance of the gas cylinder.

The resin matrix of carbon fiber hydrogen storage cylinders not only needs to meet the mechanical strength and toughness requirements of the cylinder, but also because the matrix is prone to fatigue damage in a long-term inflation and deflation environment, a high-strength, fatigue-resistant resin system is needed to protect the cylinder. service life. In addition to meeting the corresponding properties, the resin matrix used in wet winding molding is also required to have a lower initial viscosity at the operating temperature and a longer pot life at this temperature. Epoxy resin has the advantages of high bonding strength, small curing shrinkage, no small molecule volatiles, good process moldability, heat resistance, good chemical stability, low cost, etc. It also has a large room for modification, and its source Wide range, reasonably priced, suitable for wet winding process systems.

The resin of the composite material layer of type IV high-pressure hydrogen storage cylinder mainly uses epoxy resin. Epoxy resin is one of the commonly used thermosetting resin matrices in resin-based composite materials. It has high bonding strength, small curing shrinkage, no small molecule volatiles, good process moldability, heat resistance, good chemical stability, and low cost. It is widely used in fiber winding process due to its advantages.

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