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Manufacturing process of carbon fiber composite mast

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       Carbon fiber composite masts can be manufactured by continuous winding molding, autoclave-vacuum bag molding, female molding, etc.


        Masts made of carbon fiber composite materials can be made using different processes, but there are certain differences in the performance of masts produced by different processes. Masts made using the female molding method must have connection points between the two half molds. These joints will increase the weight and reduce the strength.

         In comparison, the continuous fiber winding and laying forming process has better results. The winding molding method can be based on the numerically simulated layup plan. The carbon fiber composite mast produced can greatly reduce the number of intersection points, eliminate fiber overhead, and reduce stress concentration. Test data shows that the maximum tensile and compressive stresses of carbon fiber composite masts made by fiber winding are less than those of aluminum alloy masts, and the maximum deformation is similar to that of aluminum alloy masts.

           Future can customize services through sailboats and various types of masts, with mature technology and exquisite craftsmanship.

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