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Manufacture and application of colored carbon fiber board

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The production process of colored carbon fiber board:

1.Preparation materials:carbon fiber cloth, color paint, epoxy resin, hardener and balancing medium, etc.

2.Mix the carbon fiber cloth with the epoxy resin so that it completely penetrates the carbon fiber cloth.

3.Add the color paint to the epoxy and mix it with the carbon fiber cloth to achieve the desired color.

4.The mixed material is placed in a mold for pressing and curing.

5.Processed and cut into desired shapes and sizes.


Application fields:

·Customization of cars and racing cars:Colored silk carbon fiber sheets can be used for the body, interior and other parts of cars, as well as for the frame, chassis and shell of racing cars and motorcycles, which can increase the visual effect of the whole car and performance.

·Sports equipment:Colored silk carbon fiber sheets can be used in high-end sports equipment, such as golf clubs, tennis rackets, bicycle frames, snowboards, etc., to improve durability and reduce weight.

·Aerospace field:Colored silk carbon fiber sheets are widely used in high-tech devices such as aircraft, rockets, and satellites to improve flight performance and reduce weight.

·Interior design and furniture manufacturing:Colored silk carbon fiber panels can be made into interior design products such as furniture, lamps and decorations to increase their aesthetics and modernity.

·Electronic product casing:Colored silk carbon fiber board can also be used to make electronic product casings such as smartphones, tablet computers, and notebook computers to improve visual effects and anti-drop performance.

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