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Manufacture and application of 6K carbon fiber cloth

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6K carbon fiber cloth is a carbon fiber fabric woven from 6000 carbon fiber monofilaments.

Production process:

First, polyacrylonitrile (PAN) and other high polymers are used to produce carbon fiber monofilaments, and then processed through multiple processes such as carbonization; the carbon fiber monofilaments are weaved vertically and horizontally to form 6K carbon fiber cloth. Next, the 6K carbon fiber cloth is dipped into a specially formulated epoxy resin to make it evenly coated and cured at a constant temperature to make a prepreg. Finally, the prepreg is cut into specific shapes and sizes for the manufacture of various composite products.

6K carbon fiber cloth application fields:

Aerospace field:It can be used for wings, skins, structural parts of spacecraft, etc.

Automotive field:It can be used for body parts, engine covers, floor plates, etc.

Construction:It can be used for building reinforcement and repair, such as reinforced concrete reinforcement, bridge repair, etc.

Sports equipment:It can be used to make various sports equipment, such as golf clubs, bicycle frames, rowing paddles, etc.

Others:6K carbon fiber cloth can also be used in bathroom, electronic products, environmental protection equipment, etc.

In a word, 6K carbon fiber cloth has excellent strength, light weight and corrosion resistance, and can be widely used in various industrial fields.

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