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Lay-up design points of carbon fiber products

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       Carbon fiber is light in weight, but very strong, and has certain advantages in impact resistance, corrosion resistance, and electromagnetic shielding. Carbon fiber is an anisotropic material, and its fibers in the parallel and vertical directions have different mechanical properties. In order to make the product performance more stable, carbon fiber products need to be layered before being cured by hot pressing.


       The lay-up design of carbon fiber products is mainly considered from the three aspects of lay-up angle, the number of lay-up layers and the lay-up sequence, and then combined with the actual use of the product to determine the best lay-up scheme of the product. In addition, the production experience of technicians is also more important. Boshi carbon fiber technicians have more than ten years of customized production experience, and can control the parameters of each link in the layup design and subsequent curing processing, so as to ensure the quality of the product. quality.

       The size of carbon fiber prepreg needs to be cut according to the size and thickness of the carbon fiber product, and then the cut prepreg is laid up. The layup should take into account the relationship between the carbon fiber fiber path and the main stress, and carry out the corresponding layup combined with the carbon fiber path. If the relationship between the layup and the stress under normal circumstances is 45° layup, the direction of the stress is 45° °, it is necessary to ensure that the layup of the fibers is in this direction as much as possible. If it is a 90° layup, the same is true, so that the layup of this layer is also consistent with 90°.

        Different layup angles bring about different product performances. In actual product layups, 0°, ±45°, and 90° are more common. ±45° layup can better improve the stability of carbon fiber products. Of course, in actual use, various considerations must be considered. For example, when 0° is the outer side, the stress performance is better than when the ±45° fiber is at the outermost side. It is more obvious, so you should try to choose the opposite layer, so as to be more conducive to the stability of carbon fiber products.

       The above is the interpretation of the attention points in the design of carbon fiber product layup. The design of the layup basically determines the entire product performance of the carbon fiber product. Therefore, special attention should be paid during the laying process, and pre-compaction is required after the product laying is completed. processing to ensure layup quality.

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