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Is the thicker the carbon fiber car bumper, the better?

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Is the thicker the carbon fiber car bumper, the better?

    Thicker is not always better: the energy-absorbing effect of the bumper is directly proportional to the thickness of the carbon fiber, but the bumper cannot be made very thick because the maximum deformation of the bumper will decrease as the thickness increases. In the bumper pendulum impact test, the acceleration value of the pendulum will increase as the thickness of the bumper increases, causing the impact force between the pendulum and the skin to become larger, and the actual energy absorption effect is reduced. Therefore, it is necessary to control the thickness of carbon fiber car bumpers.

    The bumper and the bracket complement each other: both the carbon fiber bumper and the bracket have good energy-absorbing effects. In a high-speed collision, the bracket absorbs a larger part of the kinetic energy, and the bumper absorbs the remaining kinetic energy, while ensuring personal safety. When the thickness of the carbon fiber bracket reaches 3mm, the energy absorption effect has exceeded that of the carbon fiber bumper.

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