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Is carbon fiber toxic?

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            The answer is negative. Carbon fiber is obtained by carbonization at high temperature. More than 90% of the elements are carbon atoms. It is a chemically non-toxic and non-hazardous material. However, carbon fiber cannot be used alone, and needs to be composited with other materials. Common materials such as resin, ceramics, plastics, etc., also need to be tested for hazards. The commonly used epoxy resin carbon fiber composite material is non-toxic, stable in performance, and will not cause harm to the human body.

             Is carbon fiber harmful to the human body?

            The carbon fiber formed by high temperature curing is processed into finished products, such as carbon fiber fishing rods, carbon fiber boxes, etc. During the processing, there will be a series of processes such as grinding and painting. harm.

However, during the processing of carbon fiber products, cutting and punching are inevitable. During this period, a large amount of carbon fiber powder will appear, which will have a certain impact on technicians. Technicians are required to wear masks to avoid dust entering the respiratory tract and affecting the health of the respiratory system. In addition, the carbon fiber dust is small, sticking to the skin, the skin will appear red spots, and there may be an itching feeling, which will disappear the next day.

            Carbon fiber materials are non-toxic, but ceramics are different. In the process of preparing composite materials from carbon fiber and ceramics, toxic exhaust gas will be released, which requires special attention in processing and design. In addition, in the process of reconciling resin and mold release agent, some pungent gas may appear, and technicians also need to wear masks.

           Carbon fiber materials can be used in a wide range of applications. In addition to the huge advantages in performance, non-toxicity and low harm are also important factors. However, the processing of carbon fiber materials is difficult and requires professional technicians to complete.

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