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Is carbon fiber fireproof?

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         Fire regulations are rules and regulations that everyone will strictly abide by during construction, but have you considered the fire protection knowledge of carbon fiber cloth? Is carbon fiber cloth fireproof? Can carbon fiber cloth withstand high temperatures?

         Carbon fiber is widely used in the global aerospace, sports equipment and industrial fields. The carbon fiber material itself has good high temperature resistance. It is manufactured by a special process at a high temperature of several thousand degrees, so carbon fiber is generally It can withstand high temperature above 1000℃.

         Taking carbon fiber cloth as an example, according to the high temperature resistance of carbon fiber, carbon fiber cloth can withstand high temperature and fire, but in the field of carbon fiber cloth reinforcement, it is necessary to use carbon fiber cloth and carbon fiber glue together, and the auxiliary construction carbon fiber glue itself has resistance. However, after reaching a certain ignition point, it will burn by itself if it comes into contact with a fire source, so the pasted carbon fiber cloth cannot be used as a fireproof material.


         So, what are the fire prevention methods after carbon fiber cloth reinforcement?

Generally, after the carbon fiber cloth is reinforced, a layer of cement mortar is added to the outer layer for protection, or a layer of fireproof coating is applied, or a fireproof sheet is attached for surface protection. In addition to UV protection, fire prevention, external decoration, etc. part of the post work. If you are brushing cement mortar, generally sprinkle a uniform layer of quartz sand before curing.

          It should also be noted that the reinforced member with carbon fiber cloth is often an important stress-bearing member. Therefore, the reinforced components cannot be damaged early in the fire, and the glue used for pasting the carbon fiber cloth cannot resist high temperature. In order to reserve the escape time, the increased strength during external bonding should not exceed the original structural strength in principle. 40%. In the event of a fire, although the external bonding reinforcement will temporarily fail, the structure can still be maintained without major problems.

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