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Is carbon fiber corrosion resistant?

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The corrosion resistance of carbon fiber is much higher than that of ordinary materials

  Carbon fiber is a new material formed by high-temperature graphitization at 2000°C. Its structure is similar to graphite crystals and has high stability. It shows good acid and alkali corrosion resistance when faced with general acids and alkalis. In addition, carbon fiber is not a metal material, its electrochemical properties are not high, and it has certain resistance to electrical corrosion. It also has good performance when faced with different temperatures and humidity in a variety of environments. After carbon fiber is made into carbon fiber composite materials, it also has good corrosion resistance, but the complexity of the environment determines the level of corrosion resistance.

Carbon fiber composite materials have good water resistance and weather resistance

In the natural environment, there are many incentives for material corrosion, such as air, temperature, humidity, salinity, radiation, etc. In different environments, these incentives will be multiple or even all tangled together, so the durability of the material will be comprehensively evaluated. Whoever can withstand the blow will be the star of tomorrow in the material.

1. Water resistance: If carbon fiber composite materials are in a high-humidity environment, the corrosion resistance is water. The water environment here includes rainwater, fresh water and sea water. Water will cause the resin matrix in the composite material to swell, and will also cause internal stress at the interface between the fiber and the matrix, weakening the bonding force between the fiber and the matrix. The performance of carbon fiber composite materials in this regard is relatively good.

2. Weather resistance: In outdoor natural environments, carbon fiber composite materials are resistant to corrosion from various climatic factors, such as sunlight, oxygen, moisture, etc. These climatic factors cause the composite to age from within, reducing its overall durability. When the surface condition of carbon fiber composite products is good, they can resist these climate factors and extend their service life.

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