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Introduction to carbon fiber winding process

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               Carbon fiber winding is a continuous molding method for composite materials. It is to wind continuous fibers or cloth tapes soaked in resin glue on the mandrel according to certain rules, and then solidify and demould to form composite products.

              Applicable products: carbon fiber and glass fiber composite products, such as circular pipes, pressure tanks, storage tanks, and other rotationally symmetrical products (reactors, large generator stators, high-pressure gas cylinders, various insulating sleeves)

         Process classification (according to different resin molding states): dry winding, wet winding, dry and wet winding

             Among all the processes, the wet winding is the most common application. Dry winding is only used in the high-end technical field of aerospace with high performance and high precision.

Advantages of carbon fiber winding

             - One-time completion: the molding process is continuous, the shape and size of the product can be guaranteed, and the strength in the diameter direction is high.

            - High fiber strength: the winding law can be designed according to the stress condition of the product, which can give full play to the fiber strength

           High specific strength: Compared with steel vessels of the same volume and pressure, the fiber-wound pressure vessel is 40%-60% lighter in weight

            - High reliability: easy to realize automation and mechanized production. After the process conditions are determined, the quality of the wrapped products is stable and accurate

            - High production efficiency: automatic production, fast winding speed (240m/min)

            - Low cost: the same product can be reasonably selected with several materials (including resin, fiber, and inner lining) to make them recombined to achieve the best economic and technical effects.

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