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Introduction to carbon fiber prepreg

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Specification type

Carbon fiber woven prepreg: 3K, 200g; 3K, 240g; 6K, 320g; 12K, 480g; twill, plain weave

Unidirectional carbon fiber prepreg: 20-360g; T300, T700, 30T, 40T, 46T

Carbon fiber prepreg yarn: 3K, 6K, 12K, 24K, used for dry and wet winding molded products

Forged pattern carbon fiber prepreg: 3K, 100g; 12K, 200g

Note: Products with different carbon yarn weights and different resin contents can be customized.

Material characteristics

1. Easy to use

2. Good fatigue resistance

3.Good environmental and corrosion resistance

4.Low void ratio

5.Controllable laminate thickness

6Better consistency and quality 8. High specific modulus and strength

7. Enhanced vibration damping properties

8. Controllable fiber volume fraction

9. Very low coefficient of thermal expansion

Application areas

A. Auto parts, tools, bulletproof plates;

B. UV protection parts, sporting goods, high temperature parts;

C. Aircraft interior, aerospace parts;

D. Air conditioning ducts, electronic transmission applications;

E. Honeycomb and foam panels, flame retardant laminates;

F. Carbon fiber composites, flooring, high-impact surfaces;

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