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Introduction of 200g carbon fiber cloth

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When purchasing carbon fiber cloth, we often encounter two specifications, one is 200 grams of carbon fiber cloth, and the other is 300 grams of carbon fiber cloth. Now let's talk about one of them - 200 grams of carbon fiber cloth.

What is carbon fiber cloth? Carbon fiber cloth is a unidirectional carbon fiber reinforced product made of 12K carbon fiber filaments. It is used for tensile, shear and seismic reinforcement of building structural components. It is used together with the matching carbon fiber impregnating glue to complete the carbon fiber composite material, which can form a complete carbon fiber sheet system. It is suitable for dealing with the increase of the load of the building, the function of the project, the aging of the material, the strength level of the concrete is lower than the design value, the structural crack, the repair of the house in the harsh environment, the reinforcement project and so on.

And 200 grams of carbon fiber cloth is one of the specifications of carbon fiber cloth. 200 grams of carbon fiber cloth refers to the weight of carbon fiber cloth per square meter. The theoretical thickness of 200 grams of carbon fiber cloth per square meter is 0.111mm, and the width is: various widths 100mm, 150mm, 200mm, 300mm and other special widths required for other projects.

With the continuous development of the carbon fiber cloth industry, more and more industries and fields use carbon fiber cloth. Three properties of 200g carbon fiber cloth:

1). In terms of raw material weaving, our 200g carbon fiber cloth uses 25 12K carbon fiber precursors for weaving and weaving with advanced production equipment.

2).In terms of thickness, the thickness of 200 grams of carbon fiber cloth is 0.111mm.

3).In terms of mechanical properties, due to the difference in weight, the performance is also different, which proves that the limit of carbon fiber per square meter of carbon fiber cloth is different. There are two types of 200g carbon fiber cloth: primary carbon fiber cloth and secondary carbon fiber cloth. The tensile strength of the first-grade 200g carbon fiber cloth is much higher than 3400Mpa, which is based on its superior performance.

The expressiveness of mechanical properties determines the role of 200 grams of carbon fiber cloth in the reinforcement and transformation process. The selection of the right material is the key, so we should choose a reasonable carbon fiber cloth for construction according to the design requirements or engineering needs.

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