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Interpretation of the performance advantages of carbon fiber UAV

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           With the development of science and technology, the application of drones has become more popular. In addition to being used in the military field, it is currently widely used in consumer, plant protection, electricity, surveying and mapping, agriculture and other fields. As a high-performance material, carbon fiber composite materials can improve its performance advantages when used in the production of drones.


1. Light weight, good battery life

        The density of the traditional metal material steel is 7.8g/cm³, the density of engineering plastics is 2.2g/cm³, and the density of carbon fiber material is 1.6g/cm³, which can reduce the energy consumption of the drone and improve the endurance. Escort for long working hours.

2. High strength and good bearing performance

         The performance of carbon fiber composite materials is better than that of engineering plastics in terms of light weight, and the strength is far higher than that of engineering plastics. The tensile strength of carbon fiber can reach 3600MPa. It can improve the bearing performance, carry more instruments and equipment, and improve the overall structural stability, and can ensure good stability even when it hits an obstacle.

3. Acid and alkali corrosion resistance, long service life

       Commonly used carbon fiber composite materials are made of carbon fiber and epoxy resin. Unlike metal materials, carbon fiber composite materials will not chemically react with substances such as acid, alkali, and salt. The service life will also be greatly improved.

4. Strong designability and can be integrally formed

       Carbon fiber composite materials are anisotropic and can provide designers with a large design space. In the production process of carbon fiber UAV components, integrated molding can be realized according to the mold, which can reduce the use of connectors and avoid secondary connections. It ensures the stability of the overall structure of the UAV and improves the performance advantages.

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